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The Litoměřice Biketower is a separate, automated parking system for more than a hundred bicycles, which is in operation 24 hours a day. The biketower can store up to 118 bikes on an area of just a few square meters.
It takes only a few seconds to store and retrieve. A cyclist who wants to store his bike here comes to the entrance module and moves it into a clear space. He presses a button and picks up a barcode ticket. The self-service parking system will take care of placing the bike in the tower. When he wants to pick the bike up, the owner only loads the bar code, pays a storage fee of 5 crowns per day (coin 1,2,5,10,20) and the dispenser gives it back. Owners of the Czech Railways' IN Card have free parking in the tower. Security is provided by CCTV connected to the city police. Children's bikes can also be parked in the tower. It is not necessary to remove accessories - speedometer, helmet or bicycle bags. The bike is insured against damage and theft. Bicycle pump is also available here.

The biketower is in service throughout the year.

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