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The Information center

The House at the Chalice (U Kalicha)

Ambrosio Balli built upon this late Gothic house in the Renaissance style in the years 1560-70 for the local Mráz family from Milešovky, whose coat-of-arms is carved over the entrance portal and shown on the front of the courtyard, where the original Renaissance artwork is also partly-preserved. The Renaissance shields were removed during reconstruction in 1834 and replaced with en Empire design.
The house is known as "Pod bání" ("Under the Cupola") after its observation tower in the shape of a chalice, which is the symbol of the town. The tower, a chalice-shaped dome, was built on the orders of Jan Mráz to make his house more visible; he had the viewpoint built, amply spacious inside, and at the same time strengthened the winemaking tradition of the town.
The councilors used to meet at the Chalice and it is said that they never left the tower until they had reached a conclusive decision. It might also be true that they used to meet there because it was a place where they could drink undisturbed.
Nowadays the building of U Kalicha is home to the town council and the information centre. On the left side of the arcade the sign of the Austrian monarchy is built into the wall, showing what was, in the first half of the 19th century, known as the 'Salt Office'.

Only guided tours are possible.

May to September MO-SU from 10 AM to 4 PM
Entrance fee:

Adults: 50,-  CZK
Children, students, seniors: 30,-  CZK
Buy your admission tickets at the information centre Litoměřice, Mírové náměstí 16 / 8a,



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