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In the year 2019 will Litoměřice celebrate

In the year 2019 will Litoměřice celebrate the 800th anniversary of its foundation. Ready is a varied program for a whole year, including a collection of souvenirs. The celebrations will culminate in September by weekly city festivities associated with favorite videomapping.
Litoměřice also offers a lot of attractions. You can admire the architecture of the houses, climb the Chalice tower or the cathedral tower, enter the historic cellars. You can touch world-famous personalities authentic hand prints casted into crystal glass in the Crystal Touch Museum or visit the Gallery of puppets etc. Visit one of several exhibitions-'Mine Richard through the ages', 'The exhibition of Czech viniculture' and Gallery of Felix Holzmann.
In Litoměřice there is a bishopric and you can visit „The Circle of ecclesiastical monuments“. Tired along the way you can taste the wine of Monastery wine cellars Litoměřice or beer from several microbreweries.  
This and many others offers Litoměřice. You don't believe? Come. You will be happy and come back often.


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