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The Richard mine through the ages

Visit the new underground exposition „The Richard mine through the ages“
„The Richard mine through the ages“ is the name of the exhibition, which was opened in about 80 metres long underground corridor under the Litoměřice town hall. This project was created by The centre of tourism Litoměřice.
After you enter to the underground by the entrance in Jarošova street, you will track the history of mine Richard, which is situated in a nearby Bídnice hill and is not accessible to public. The exposition is divided to three sections according to the real history of Richard mine. It was at a place where limestone was mined at first, after that  the Nazis set up a factory there and nowadays this place serves as a nuclear waste dump.  Each section of the exhibition points out one period. No doubt that the darkest one was the end of the Second World War. In those times, 4500 prisoners died in Richard during the slavery work for German  arms industry. 
Along the corridor there are 24 information boards in Czech, German and English.
The atmosphere is illustrated by historical photograps, signs, iron mine wagon or spilled stones. You can  also see the models of  casks which are currently used in Richard mine to store the radioactive waste.
Only guided tours are possible.
Entrance fee - exhibition „The Richard mine through the ages“ :
Guided tours:
May to September MO-SU from 10 AM to 4 PM
November to April MO- FRI from 10 AM to 4 PM

Adults: 50 CZK
Children, students, seniors: 30 CZK
Buy your admission tickets at the information centre Litoměřice, Mírové náměstí 16 / 8a

Tel: +420 416 916 440

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