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Salva Guarda - House At The Black Eagle

Salva Guarda - House At The Black Eagle

Intended for : Handicapped, Family, Group, Small Children with Adult, Senior, Tourist, School Group, foreign Tourist

As: by foot, by bike, by car, by bus, by train

GPS: 50°32'0.49202187360492644"N, 14°7'55.34022331196866"E

Distance from the center: 0.08 km

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Phone: +420 416 732 506
Address : Mírové náměstí 12, 412 01 Litoměřice

The house Salva Guarda was bulit in 14th century for Dionys Houska family and in 1560 it was rebuilt in renaissance style by an italian architect Ambrosio Balli Vlach. The facade of this house have a rich decoration with biblical themes. In 1650 this house was provided a "mark" Salva Guarda by the king ferdinand III. It means a privilege - the house was protected before looting. In the house there was always very rich culture a social life.
House Salva Guarda was a first between hotels in central Europe. First town barracks, town hall, post office, hotel with restaurant, archive were established here. After II. world war, a clothing factory and shop were here.
In the past the house was called KRÁLŮV HRÁDEK and U ČERNÉHO ORLA.
In 1887 Philippine national hero José Rizal visited Salva Guarda with his friend from Litoměřice, professor Ferdinand Blumetritt. In the arcade of a house we can find a bust of José Rizal. This bust was made by academic sculptor Libor Pisklák.

After 1994  a large reconstruction was done. The house again became significant cultural centre. On the gothic ground floor there is a restaurant with czech food and local wines. The restaurant is open every day.

Foto: CCR Litoměřice, p. o.


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